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Skin Routines To Avoid If You Are Prone To Acne

skin routines

Those who tend to be more prone to acne breakouts can come across as high-strung when it comes to how they treat their skincare routine. Whether you choose store brand products or professional products for acne, they never tend to be good enough on their own when it comes to treating and improving acne. A more holistic approach is needed to help receive blemish free skin. These are five skin routines to avoid as soon as possible if you want to achieve blemish-free skin:

Skin Routines

1. Making Sure Your Face Is Clean

After a long day, you might notice oil and grease build up on your face, and no amount of scrubbing and exfoliating seems to be good enough to get rid of that acne. Well intensely scrubbing your face has shown to strip your face of essential oils that leave your face drier than before. Next time, try not to be too rough and gently massage your face as you cleanse it.

2. Adding Too Many Different Products

Skin irritation leads to acne. Adding more products than needed can increase the likelihood of irritating your skin to the point of breakouts. Even if you’re not prone to acne breakouts, you should always use the least amount of skin care product that your skin needs. If anything, only add products based on skin type and needs.

3. Dehydrated Skin

If you were ever told that because you have oily skin, you shouldn’t use moisturizers, ignore that information. If your skin has been dried out due to the lack of moisturizers, then your skin is left to produce more oil which will give your skin a more greasy look.

4. Following Complicated Beauty Routines

This can lead to an allergic reaction and more inconsistent skin. Treating acne prone skin requires trial and error, but when it comes down to it, if you want to tame that oily skin, you can use a benzoyl peroxide cream the keep bacteria that causes acne at bay.

5.Covering Up Zits With Makeup

Most women tend to be quick to use their make up to cover their acne; this is a big no-no. Nine times out of ten all you will end up using too much product, inducing irritation and making your acne look worse.

Other Ways To Better Your Skin Routines

Below is a short list of ways you can save your skin.

1. Less Stress

When you stress over things, you cause your immune system to suffer, which makes it easier for your skin to become inflamed, and thus breakouts follow.

2. Pay Attention To Your Health

Get on an exercise regiment and incorporate healthy food choices.

3. Get Some Sleep

While your rest, your skin cells repair and rejuvenate themselves. Get as much beauty sleep as you can, and you will see a difference in your skin.

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