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Adult Acne Myths & Reality

Adult Acne

Are you struggling with adult acne? If so, you may be causing more harm than good without realizing it.

Acne is a hassle we all grow up thinking will disappear once you’ve passed your teen years. However, for many people, it’s a skin condition they suffer from their entire lives.

Mature adult skin breakouts are common. So common that 1.3 million individuals live with it, and it worsens in the summer because of sweat, daylight, and stickiness.

Research directed by Dermalex to kick off the launch of its treatment Dermalex Acne discovered 57 percent of individuals felt insecure because of their acne. They also found that over half admit they feel ugly with the skin condition. However, it’s difficult to figure out what’s reality and what’s myth with regards to causes and managing skin breakouts, so Dermalex has chosen to ease your mind by confirming which cases are valid.

Myth: Poor hygiene and dirty skin cause the spots

Reality: There is no connection with having dirty skin or poor hygiene and getting skin breakouts, which is because what triggers the spots are underneath the skin’s surface, so anything over that will have little impact. The individuals who are stressing over the cleanliness of their skin may even bring about problems with excessive cleaning, as this could irritate the skin more than normal.

Myth: Squeezing spots will get rid of them

Reality: No – this will make them worse! Dermalex discovered 40 percent of sufferers trust this myth. However, in all actuality, picking and popping could cause scarring or irritation, making your skin look worse.

Myth: Poor diet causes acne

Reality: Hormones affect acne, as when sebum is overproduced it clogs pores, bringing on breakouts and zits. You may feel your skin is affected following a night of drinking and eating greasy foods. However, no studies show that eating a healthy prevents skin breakouts. Eat a balanced diet for your health and general well-being. When you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside!

Myth: Toothpaste will treat spots

Reality: Drying out the skin with a harsh product intended for your teeth will cause soreness. Stick to medicines that treat the spots and don’t dehydrate your skin and you won’t have those sensitive, flaky areas.

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