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Acne’s Silver Lining: Slower Aging of the Skin


For those prone to breakouts, there might be a silver lining. Recent studies show that acne-prone skin ages slower than those without blemishes.

That is the proposal of a study that included a little more than 1,200 twins. One-fourth of them had acne prone skin at some time in their life.

Dr. Simone Ribero, the scientist leading the study, is a dermatologist in the branch of twin research and hereditary disease transmission at King’s College London. Dr. Ribero reports that dermatologists have seen that those who suffer from acne appear to age slower than in individuals who have never had it. Most cases were often observed in clinical settings, but the cause of this was uncertain.

Length of telomeres and aging of the skin

Ribero and his team propose that the skin of those more prone to acne might have an extra defense mechanism. He says that there is probably a relation between the length of telomeres, and the aging process in skin.

Telomeres are situated on the closures of chromosomes and shield them from decay as they replace themselves. As cells begin to age, telomeres slowly start to regress, bringing about the death of the cell, a natural part of growing older.

Dermatologist, Dr. Veronique Bataille says that elongated telomeres seem to be one explanation for helping fight against early skin aging in those who suffer from acne.

In the study, twins with a past of acne prone skin had longer telomeres in their white blood cells.

Ribero went on to say that after looking at skin biopsies, they were capable of seeing the gene expressions in relation to this. However, more research should be done to see if gene pathways can make a base for useful interventions.

Prior research also shows that telomere length in white platelets can anticipate natural aging in different cells throughout the body.

However, the most recent survey did not demonstrate circumstances and end results connecting telomere length and matured skin.

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