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Common causes of adult acne

Adult acne

In today’s article, we are going to discuss some common causes of adult acne. Let us start off by defining exactly what adult acne is. Adult acne is characterized as acne that starts to develop or continues developing past 25 years of age. If you suffer from acne into your 30,s 40’s, or even 50’s, don’t fret as its more common than you think. In fact, around half of people, 20 to 29 years old suffer from acne. Almost 35% of ages 30 to 39, 25% from ages 40 to 49, and over 15% of people aged 50 years and up. So what are the most common causes of adult acne? Keep reading to find out.

Hormonal changes may be to blame for those adult onset breakouts. Specifically, the culprit is the hormone testosterone. Increases of testosterone in both men and women lead to higher levels of oil production. More oil on the skin leads to an environment where acne thrives.

While it’s suspected that different foods share a cause and effect relationship with acne, no studies have concretely proved this. However, if you seem to break out after eating a particular food, it’s probably wise to stay away. The foods most widely regarded as possibly causing acne include pizza, chocolate, nuts, and caffeine. Anything with simple carbohydrates and high sugar content is usually thought to cause issues. Fried foods and dairy may also have an adverse effect.

Stress as a cause of acne ties to what we talked about earlier- hormonal changes. Whenever your body feels stress coming on, it releases a hormone called cortisol, which in turn raises the level of testosterone in your system. Meditation and deep breathing can help to reduce stress levels and prevent an increase in oil production.

Believe it or not, pollution can cause pimples and blackheads. Dirty air leads to all sorts of nasty substances settling on your face. A dirty face leads to clogged pores, and clogged pores lead to breakouts. Washing your face twice a day with warm water and a gentle cleanser can help tremendously. Make sure to pat dry with a soft washcloth.

We hope this article has helped you realize what some of the most common causes of adult acne are and how to combat them. While acne may never stop being an issue for some people, that doesn’t mean you have to get complacent in fighting it.

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