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Anxiety Linked To Acne and Other Ailments

anxiety linked to acne

Nobody enjoys living with acne. It appears for no apparent reason and causes a lot of distress. Many different factors go into developing acne, but what you may not know is that anxiety linked to acne.

Does anxiety cause blemishes or is it the other way around?  That is the ultimate question. And does curing anxiousness provide you with an acne treatment? Let’s explore these questions.

Anxiety Is A Separate Condition

You should always treat your anxiety to avoid long-term setbacks. Being anxious alone doesn’t make your skin breakout. However, nervousness can bring unwanted breakouts, and increase the recurrence of breakouts.

Anxiety Causes Acne

Acne is the result of bacteria in the skin and skin oils. When you have anxiety, a few changes happen that lead to acne.

Hormone Fluctuations

Being anxious releases stress hormones that cause changes in your pores and increase skin oils. The combination clogs pores, causing bacteria to grow, which leads to acne. This is the most common connection between anxiousness and breakouts.


Actually perspiration won’t cause most facial acne. However,  body acne may be a different story. Perspiration in those areas may cause dirt and germs stick to your skin.


Being anxious may also cause different behaviors that increase the probability of acne breakouts. For instance, it may cause you to touch your face more often. Touching your face won’t cause acne, but but doing it a lot can spread bacteria that could lead to acne breakouts.

Fluctuations in hormones are the primary cause. Being anxious could also cause you to make poor decisions as a result of your acne. Popping zits may cause scarring and spread bacteria, increasing the chance of a future breakout. When a person become too anxious about their appearance, they usually end up popping their zits.

Acne myths abound on the causes of  acne, and many would be affected by anxiety if they were true, but they all appear to be false. Still, anxiety doesn’t help acne and may create acne breakouts.

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