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Back To School Skin Care

Back To School

It’s September which means we’re now neck-deep in Back To School season.

Perhaps you’re a student or possibly your school days are long behind you. Either way, the post-Labor Day period is your opportunity to get educated (get it?) on healthy fall skin. Here are five ways to kick off the back to school skin care season.

Get A Post-Summer Facial

You probably abused your skin this summer. Did you also spend plenty of time in the sun, harsh chlorine in swimming pools and air pollution? If you said yes to any of these, your skin deserves post-summer treatment. Book a facial to make up for the damage to your skin over the summer and kickstart hydration for the cold weather season.

Tackle Problem Skin

Hot weather, sweat, and oily skin make the perfect blemish-creating conditions. When the days begin cooling off, it’s an excellent opportunity to attack summer skin issues. There’s no weapon better than probiotics bacteria! The bacteria will tame problem skin with the amazing powers of probiotics. After all, no one wants to start the first day of school with a less-than-best complexion!

Keep Your Face Clean

Over the summer you probably decreased your makeup routine down to the basics. Maybe you even faced the hot days makeup-free! When fall arrives, you’ll most likely go back to wearing foundation and heavier layers of makeup. With more makeup on your skin in the coming fall, now is the time to find the right cleanser and prepare to keep your face clean. The cleansing process is crucial for healthy skin now more than ever.

Don’t Forget The Lips

When temperatures cool down, humidity drops also. We tend to remember to layer moisturizers on our face – but what about our lips? Get to the head of the class and pamper your pout! Exfoliate dry skin cells away, keep lips hydrated, and finish off with a layer of balm.

Try A New Routine

Changing weather conditions means new routines for your skin. With the seasons changing, this is the perfect time to think about a new daily and weekly routine for your skin. Are you and your skin ready for cold, dry weather? Now’s the time to consider stocking up on products that provide hydration and protection to your skin for the coming season.

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