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Boils and How To Get Rid Of Them


Boils occur deep in your skin due to a bacterial infection around a hair follicle. In some cases, people suffering from boils can develop a high fever. Have you ever gotten a small to medium size painful red nodule that gets bigger with time? Yep, that unsightly bump just may be a boil. For best results, if you see a boil forming, take fast action to treat it. Remember, the way to get rid of that nasty abscess is softening the boil so that the bacteria build up inside can drain out and reduce the swelling and start to heal up. Here are some common home remedies you can use to treat stubborn boils.

Tea Tree Oil

Utilizing tea tree oil could be the much-needed treatment to speed up the healing process of that boil, . Tea tree oil has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that will give your boil relief from pain, swelling, and discomfort. All you need is to is dip a clean cotton swab in your tea tree oil and apply to your boil or boils. Repeat this up to five times a day. Did you know that you can also utilize tea tree oil as a natural body wash? For more information, check out positivehealthwellness.com, or simply click here.


Turmeric Seasoning

Turmeric is common, household seasoning, but it has so many more uses. This specific seasoning also has anti-inflammatory and blood purifying properties. Make a simple paste from your turmeric seasoning using equal amounts of turmeric and fresh ginger. Next, apply the paste onto the boil. Lastly, allow the area to dry and rinse with cool water.

Cornmeal For Skin Boils

Heat a large portion of water until it boils. Add an ample amount of cornmeal to the water. Apply the mixture to the effected area and cover with a warm towel. Repeat a few times each day until the bump is no more! If the boil last more than seven days, make an appointment with a dermatologist to be sure it isn’t something more serious.

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