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Pimple Popping: 5 Types of Acne Not to Mess with

It’s a well-known feeling. You wake up one day with an important event to go to and, unfortunately, spot a pimple front and center. The temptation to squeeze and attempt to pop the zit can be a lot. Even though it might seem like a good idea at the moment, Dr. Natasha Cook, a dermatologist…


Dermatologists Recommend Vitamin A For Acne

Sadly breakouts on our faces can strike at any age and any time of the year. Dermatologists say that acne is more common among women going through menopause and teenagers. In just the U.S., it is estimated that there are fifty million American people are struggling with the effects of acne. There are links with…

vitamin C

Vitamin C Is Beneficial For Healthy Skin

Many dermatologists say adding vitamin C to your skincare routine will give your skin an extensive range of benefits. These supplements will even out your skin tone and  improve skin hydration. It also helps to create younger looking skin and  give you a natural shield against dirt, and bacteria. Dermatologist recommends adding the vitamin or…


Lasers For The Treatment of Acne Breakouts

All over the world dermatologist are using lasers to treat their patients that are struggling with acne. Although, there is not a lot of sold compelling research that proves that laser based acne treatments are working on their patients. Recently, there was a study by the Medical Literature on the use of laser therapy in…


Antioxidants To Add To Skin Routine

Some simple ingredients you should be adding to your skincare routine should be topical and oral antioxidants. Dermatologist recommend over the counter vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E because they will use peptides to repair your damaged skin and protect it from further damage. Look for skincare products that have antioxidants…


Summer Tips For Treating Acne

Why do summer skin inflammation breakouts happen? Breakouts during the summer time can be the worst, especially for women. Some places that tend to break out are upper back, bosoms, and even the hindquarters. Most ladies have a tendency to slather on massive amounts of sunscreen. Doing so winds up obstructing the skin pores. Additionally,…