Easy Acne Remedy

Cosmetic’s Cause Acne


Cosmetic acne has been an extensive back and forth discussion among dermatologists for decades. These days men and woman of all ages use cosmetics, so there is no getting away from it.

People are using cosmetics every single day to assist in fading blemishes, and hiding fine lines, While some people use cosmetics for covering up acne and wrinkles or just to look younger and more attractive. The problem is that people may be causing cosmetic acne and breakouts instead of just covering them up.

The good news is that is it incredibly simple to treat and prevent cosmetic acne. Remember that all cosmetics aren’t the biggest cause of acne, but some cosmetics can worsen your acne.

When you apply make-up to your skin, it clogs your pores causing acne irritation and redness. It is hard choosing from so many different types of cosmetic products that promise to improve your beauty, but also will not damage your skin. Be careful of the makeup products you’re putting on your skin such as penetrating oils that go deep into your pores clogging them up, lowering your chances of cosmetic acne.

Sunflower, mineral oil, and petroleum will not clog your pores and allows them to breathe. While picking out your products, look for the oil free or comedogenic products which are safer for your skin.

Some cosmetic products have unnecessary fragrances which also causes acne breakouts and in some cases allergic reactions to your skin. The harshest fragrances to avoid are cinnamate, musk, ambrette, and bergamot. It is best to buy cosmetic products that have the hypoallergenic or fragrance-free to avoid skin irritations.

Eye cream products can cause unwanted Milia. Milia creates tiny white elevated bumps due to heavy eye creams or oily eye makeup removers. Purchasing the wrong kind of eye creams can cause the small white bumps to spread to your forehead, temples, cheeks and can cause acne.

Hair Styling Products

Hair styling products we use daily contain harsh oils, adhesives, and alcohols which causes cosmetic acne breakouts. Consider protecting your skin when you use any hair styling products to keep your skin healthy.

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