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Dark Circles Under Eyes, And How To Rid Them

dark circles

Have you ever had dark circles or shadows under the eyes or even dark rings? There are countless reasons for dark circles under your eyes. They include excessive crying, lack of sleep, aging, dry skin, working long hours in front of a computer screen. Some other reasons could also be be stess, whether mental or physical. Having an unhealthy diet could be a reason as well as hereditary.

Having dark circles under your eyes is not a serve skin problem, but it does give the appearance of looking stressed out, sleepy, exhausted, ages you and makes you look unhealthy. Thankfully there are some easy home remedies to assist in getting rid of those dark circles.

Use Almond Oil For Dark Under Eye Circles’

Almond oil has many compelling benefits when used around your eyes daily. With time it will help fade away dark discoloration around and under your eyes. For the best results, you can add small amounts of vitamin E oils as well every night before bed. Mix the two oils of almond oil and vitamin E oil. Then, lightly massage to your under eye discoloration for five minutes. Leave the oils under your eyes throughout the night and rinse off with cool water in the morning repeat this every night until the dark circles are no more.

Fresh Cucumbers To Treat Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

If you are looking to not spend a whole lot of your hard earned money on treating your dark circles, you may have what you need right in your kitchen. Fresh cucumbers have mild astringent and skin-lighting properties that have been proven to fix under eye circles naturally. Not only that but cucumbers will make you under eye area feeling refreshed and soothing. Cut two to four thick pieces of fresh cold cucumber and place them on your eyes for about ten minutes. To get the best results, you should do this twice a day up to a month.


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