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Effects Of Contraceptives On Acne


Hormonal contraceptives are not the same when it applies to acne.

On average, depot injections and sub-dermal implants make acne worse. However, using oral contraceptives (COC) with a vaginal ring tend to improve it. There are no other statistical differences among contraceptive classes.

Oral contraceptives show that Drospirenone was the most helpful in clearing acne. Following close behind are norgestimate, desogestrel, levonorgestrel, and norethindrone.

Triphasic progestin is proven to reduce acne. However, a variation in estrogen doses does not.

The results are consistent with the Cochrane group findings that COCs with drospirenone are more efficient than those containing norgestimate. Additionally, the data demonstrates a detailed ranking where drospirenone pills are superior to norethindrone and levonorgestrel tablets.

The results are also consistent with an earlier trial. The average age of the women in the trials was 25 years.

Here’s The Technical Scoop

Levonorgestrel-releasing IUD’s are the most common progestin-only contraceptives. COCs made with combinations of hormones are the most common contraceptive.

Each patient assessed how efficient their contraceptive is on reducing acne. They noted the effects of the product.

A triphasic progestin dose seems to control acne better than a monophonic progestin treatment. There was no variation in progestin treatment.

Analysts say their was a strong difference between the two. They also note that they couldn’t analyze the effect of progestin treatment because of the major difference in potency of different progestin types.

Explanations include the triphasic pills mimicking normal hormone changes. In addition, the fact that the Triphasic pills had a lower cumulative progestin dose than comparable monophasic pills.

Because we haven’t found any similar comparisons in the scientific literature, further investigation is needed to confirm the findings. They didn’t include the copper-releasing IUD in the study.

Therefore, the IUD containing copper could be a better option if you want a longer yet reversible plan and also want to control acne.

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