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Gua Sha Skin Care Benefits and Uses

Gua Sha

How To Perform Gua Sha Facial Massage

Gua Sha is a technique sued for healing. In fact, it is used in traditional medicine in East Asia. Some call it spooning and coining.

Performing this massage is simple. However, with these six easy steps, you can do the massage in the comfort of your own home. To prepare for your facial massage, use your most loved facial oil and be sure to apply the oil to your neck.

What is Gua Sha Massage?

Gua Sha (“Gwa–”Sha”) is a conventional healing technique involving scraping and scratching the skin in one direction. It treats poor circulation, stress (physical and emotional), systemic toxicity, and migraines. Also, it improves the flow of blood and energy throughout the body to help with overall health.

How Does It Slim Your Face?

A slimmer face is now attainable without going under the needle. No doubt, Gua Sha removes 10mm from your face just by massaging it. As a result, Gua Sha facial massages help to firm sagging neck and facial skin and remove excess bloating, thinning your face.

This solution is temporary, and we recommend using this in your regular skin care routine. Be that as it may, the increase in blood circulation during the massage also prevents aging and wrinkles.

Why Is Gua Sha So Great For Your Skin?

All things considered, Gua Sha is amazing because of all of the benefits it gives to your skin and body. A few examples include:

*Achieve brighter, brilliant and healthy skin.
*Cells are activated, so the face regains flexibility
*Incidentally, no more double chin
*Removes toxins from your skin
*Improves absorption of products on the skin
*Lifts sagging skin to become firmer
* Similarly, Enhances skin cell development and restoration
*Resolves wrinkles and fine lines, too
*Advances blood circulation
*Smooth, young looking skin
*Tones the skin on your face,
*Gets rid of dark circles and puffy eyes
*Improves uneven tone
*An of course, releases stress

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