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Lavender Oil For Acne and It’s Uses

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil smells great and treats burns.

However, for most people who have acne, lavender oil makes their skin redder in color.
Many acne care products use this oil.
Lavender oil is easy on the skin, but not necessarily so when combined with other botanical oils. Lavender oil tends to interfere with male testosterone, but concerning side effect have only occurred in three pre-adolescent boys.

What Is Lavender?

Lavender is a plant that grows wild in Africa, Asia, and Europe. It is also grown in gardens worldwide, and it utilized in essential oils for healing and scent in France, Utah, and Texas. As a medicinal herb, lavender can treat anxiety, headaches, and painful burns. It is also great for treating acne, but this is almost never a good idea.

Why Lavender Oil For Acne?

The essential oils of lavender connect to fats on the skin’s surface. When lavender oil seeps into a pore, it is likely to remain there even after washing the skin, unless washing with an oil-based cleanser.

Lavender interacts with the nerves that control the “automatic” functions of the body. When the skin gets irritated, some nerves get excited. They release a compound releasing hormone or CRH.

When there is a burn on the skin, releasing histamine is a good thing. The chemical blocks off the burned tissue. Lavender relaxes the muscles around your blood vessels and that aid in the delivery of more blood to the face. The additional flow of blood makes the skin red, but this effect is not noticeable because when the skin is already reddened by the burn.

However, applying lavender to acne makes the condition worse. The relaxation of the muscles surrounding blood vessels can trigger an outbreak. And in mild to moderate acne, it can make acne look more red and prominent.

After applying lavender oil, exposing the skin to the UV-A rays of the sun will increase how long it stays on the skin. Without sun exposure, after approximately four hours, your body begins to break down the chemicals in the oil. In a few days, all traces of lavender oil should have left the skin.

Which Products Contain Lavender Oil?

Lavender oil is an ingredient in hundreds of skin care products.

If you have oily irritation-resistant skin, you may be able to tolerate the occasional use lavender oil products with no problems.

If you have any irritation, inflammation, or sensitivity on your skin, do not to use products containing lavender oil.

Do Lavender Oils Cause Issues with Estrogen and Testosterone Balance?

One clinical report started a rumor that lavender oil has estrogen in it and can cause premenstrual tension in women and also feminine characteristics in men, which is not true.

Breast swelling is quite common for teenage boys entering puberty. But it is rare for kids who haven’t gone through puberty. They carefully examined the boys for any factors that could have caused these unusual symptoms. They found that two of the boys had used soap containing lavender, and the third used soap containing lavender and tea tree oil. In all three boys, the abnormal breast swelling stopped after use of the irritant.


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