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Mechanica Acne: What You Need To Know

Mechanica Acne

Mechanica acne can show show in plenty of different forms. Does your skin get irritated easily when you wear tight fitting clothes, while wearing a hat or helmet, or anytime your skin is being rubbed? Some people may take the irritation as having extra sensitive skin, but that is not the case, especially if it’s causing acne breakouts!

If you are experiencing similar symptoms, you are suffering from mechanica acne. It forms from the heat and pressure on your skin due to friction. Daily exercise or wearing a hat may be the cause of friction.

Most Common Causes Of Mechanica Acne

Tight headbands
Tight Clothing (Bras, shorts, panties, etc..)
Sports Uniforms (Shoulder pads, baseball glove, shin guards, etc..)
Wearing a hat for too long
Helmet with tight fit
Any musical instrument held against your body for extended periods of time

Who’s Affected By Mechanica Acne?

Teenagers who are active in sports or other physical activities
Young adults in their twenties who have had an issue with acne growing up
Active Police officers/Fireman/EMS due to their heavy uniforms and equipment
Any soldier, but most common in younger soldiers due to their intense workouts/training in the humid and hot weather
Young teens the to mid-twenties that live in tropical areas with humid and hot temperatures
Humidity plays a lot in anyone who is affected by mechanica acne because moisture causes the pores to swell up

Preventing Mechanica Acne

Do not wear hats or helmets for too long or anything too tight
Always take a shower after mild or intense workouts
Always pat your skin dry, do not rub it because it can cause more breakouts
Make sure you are putting on clean clothes before your workouts
Try to wear more ventilated clothing that is 100% cotton
Wear loose clothing to minimize skin friction, heat, and rubbing
Make sure to dab off your sweat while working out
Use fragrant free body and facial soap

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