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Celery: The New Cure For Acid Reflux And More

Acid Reflux

Not only does celery help with acid reflux symptoms and  lower risks of Type 2 diabetes, but it also helps you and your body in many different ways. Below is a short list of ways celery can benefit your health.

Most people understand that Type 2 diabetes not only afflicts ones’ pancreas but can also cause problems with the liver. By reducing the number of fatty foods one eats, one can stop the effects of Type 2 diabetes. However, now there is a particular food that not only reverses the disease but can aid in the treatment of acid reflux and high blood pressure.

Celery Good For Acid Reflux

Celery is one of the strongest foods for our bodies. The vegetable in your chicken noodle soup recipe is nutritionally strong and loaded with natural healing properties. The medical community is currently researching the celery stalk, and they are receiving great results. Below is a list of ways celery can help power up the body on the inside and out!

Celery Purifies The Organs

With its alkaline and anti-inflammatory properties, celery is great for organ health. This is good news for those with Type 2 diabetes. Celery does wonders to organs such as the liver and kidneys by removing toxins from them.

Celery Is High In Mineral Salts

Due to its high mineral salt levels, celery is a perfect anti-acid for the stomach. Celery works fast at removing this issue because it works to multiply the amount  acid in your belly.

Celery Improves Heart And Brain Health

The high amount of mineral salt found in celery is perfect for boosting brain and heart activity. If a doctor has ever told you that you may need a pacemaker, you should take this action first. Drink sixteen ounces of celery juice a day and see your condition improve in two weeks. Eating celery and more fruits help the brain in big ways. Eating celery can also aid in the relief of anxiety and panic attacks.

Living a long and healthy life depends on how well something works. Watching what you eat, and incorporating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables is important. Adding a glass or two of celery juice to your daily routine will substantially lower your fat intake so that your body can heal itself. So grab a cup of celery juice and get started on the journey to a newer, healthier, you!

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