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New Statistics Show New Skin Care Vaccine

New statistics

New statistics show that half of a million Americans suffer from acne. Most people think once you’re out of your teens you no longer deal with acne, but that isn’t the case at all. People from ages 10 to 90 are still suffering from acne throughout their adult lives. So many Americans are buying the latest facial mask, acne treatments, and countless other products hoping for the best. Trying all different brands, spending both time and money with no guarantee for clearer skin. Well, let’s not hold our breath any longer because researchers are working on a skin care vaccine for acne.

There has always been controversy on what causes acne, such as eating too much chocolate, the weather changes, greasy foods, and excessive oil. However, no one truly knows what causes acne. For that reason, there are so many skin care products claiming to do the same thing- giving you acne free skin with no blemishes.

Unfortunately, it is sad to know how unarmed we are against all the bacteria that pollutes our skin. But that could change shortly!

New Statistics For The Future Of Skincare

There is a large group of scientists working to eliminate acne for good at the University of California in San Diego. Once they achieve the skin care vaccine, it will come with different complications. Some of the unique complications include a bacteria that causes acne known as P. acne. But as humans, we carry that specific bacteria our whole life.

Although it causes acne, it is also good for us, so researchers were able to find antibodies to a toxic protein that P. acnes bacteria secretes on the skin. The proteins from the P. bacteria is associated with inflammation that leads to blemishes. Therefore, the vaccine will block the dangerous parts of the P. bacteria that cause acne without killing the bacteria altogether.

Researchers are hopeful for the skin care vaccine to be accessible to the public within a few years. The vaccine is already being tested on biopsied human skin in a lab setting. So this means the researchers confirmed the vaccine has some use in the environment of a lab.

However, testing on the actual human facial skin could happen as soon as a year from now. We can only hope that in a few short years we will be the lucky ones getting the skin care vaccine. Imagine all the acne on your face just going away and becoming a thing of the past.

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