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Pharrell Williams Skincare Routine

pharrell williams

The fashion designer and entertainer Pharrell Williams does not look his age of forty-four years old because of his skin care routine. Many of his fans have noticed how Pharrell Williams looks decades younger than he is because of his healthy glowing skin.

Recently, the entertainer Pharrell Williams dished out all his solid advice to get youthful skin like his while in an interview with Daze magazine. In his interview with Daze magazine, he talked about the importance of exfoliating your skin and how he never misses a day of exfoliating his skin.

Pharrell Williams later in the interview says he makes sure he stays well hydrated.

Not only for his body but mostly his skin benefits from drinking water daily. In the interview, he said many times always exfoliate because there is always build up of bacteria and dead skin cells.

Pharrell Williams in 2013 named his trustful skin care products that he has been using for years. Also, the women who helped turn his skin into youthful, glowing skin. The amazing doctor Elena Jones is his dermatologist that recommended him to use the Glytone self-foaming facial cleanser. He said he uses Glytone self-foaming facial cleanser daily. Then, he rinses it off with cold water to close the pores on his skin. Dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones has Pharrell Williams using the Glytone-self-foaming toner and moisturizer.

The entertainer and fashion designer recall when he was younger. Naomi Campbell would tell him that he needs to see a dermatologist regularly for his skin. He remembers Naomi Campbell expressing to him the importance of taking care of his skin for years to come. Pharrell said she told him that using drugstore skincare products are diligent and do not work for everyone. Not at all like Naomi Campbell, we are constantly here for some drugstore magnificence items. Take it from Pharrell Williams and begin shedding and slathering lotion on that skin of yours! We can’t ensure that you’ll age in reverse like him, yet your skin will thank you in any case.

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