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Prepare Your Skin For Fall


The fall months can be just as harsh on the skin as in the summer. As the climate changes from hot to cold, it can chap the skin or leave it looking dry, dehydrated and tired, that’s why you should prepare your skin for fall.

Daily moisturizers work great to prevent this, but you can use natural remedies as well.

For healthy skin hydration, consider using greek yogurt, cucumber, and fresh mint leaves. Yes, this is similar to a dressing used on mixed greens and gyros. However, it works wonders for hydrating and restoring the skin.

Sun exposure, pool chemicals, and salt water can add an extra thick layer of dead skin cells to the face and body. Dead skin cells make the skin appear tired and dull. Revitalize it by using a glycol-acid serum. The serum safely removes the dead skin layer over time and leaves your skin looking healthy and radiant again.
Either microdermabrasion or a light chemical peel will work to remove dead skin from the face. The idea is to force exfoliation and open the pores to allow healthy nutrients inside. As a result, the exfoliation rehydrates the face, making it look and feel healthy.

Sunspots are usually hard to recognize. Sun damage can leave streaks, wrinkles or extremely dry patches on the skin. If you notice sun damage, Intense Pulsed Light treatments are the best cure. IPL uses a series of 3 to 6 treatments to even out your skin tone and dull dark spots.

Your skin is what the public sees the most, so it is a critical part of the body to care for daily. When your skin is not healthy, it’s hard to hide.

Make sure that you hydrate and moisturize daily. Hydration helps the skin become more resistant to changing weather. Conditions are harsh in the fall months, so take the necessary time to keep it healthy all year round!

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