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Runners Acne: What Causes The Breakouts

runners acne

So what is runners acne? First off all acne is very complex and comes from bacteria from sweating. When you have high levels of bacteria build up, sebum and sweat build up on your skin. It will cause acne breakouts. Runner’s acne is also goes by the name acne mechanica. Acne Mechanica is caused by blocked or plugged skin sores. Runners acne is a type of skin break out that resembles a rash.

Another reason people call it runners acne is that the acne comes from excessive heat and friction.

Or even mechanical trauma when people exercise. Individuals who exercise on a regular basis typically suffer from runner’s acne due to the excessive sweating and heat. Once their skin is trigger with their heat and sweats, the skin follicles will become inflamed causing a rash like an acne.

As for the people who are on a regular exercising plan, it is important to know some things to help you prevent getting runner’s acne. Try to avoid wearing tight clothing because it causes more friction, which then will cause skin breakouts. Try to wear breathable clothing to increase airflow, it’s not only good for your skin, but it will decrease sweating as well.

Mechanica acne can affect all parts of the body from your face, underarms, inner thighs, buttocks and more. Runners acne typically ends up in areas that have tight clothes on them. Some places such your shoulders because of a tightly fitted bra strap or a sweat band on your forehead or even on your wrist because of a watch or heart monitor.

The easiest way to decrease the chances of getting runner’s acne is being consistency with daily acne treatments. Always dab your sweat when working out and drink plenty of water. Make sure you are showering or bathing after every workout session.


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