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Millennial Beauty Trends

Millennial women want to look flawless without the hassle. In two words; simple perfection. Multi-use products are their go-to. There are plenty of products out there that are versatile in almost every way. For example, the product Nudestix can be applied to your lip, cheek, and even eyelids. We know everyone loves makeup, but not…

pregnancy acne

Treating Pregnancy Acne After Baby

Some women may experience acne while pregnant, but it’s more common to have outbreaks of acne after your pregnancy. Women will struggle with cystic acne and even blotchy and flaky skin. But no worries, there are some safe and effective treatments to help cure unwanted acne after your bundle of joy is born. Pregnancy acne…

Can Texting Prevent Acne

Want Less Acne? Next Time Send A Text Message

Good News! There’s more than one boring way to win the battle for healthy skin. Frustration can seem to be endless when you try the same method over and over with no positive results. However, a combination of methods and a new beauty routine could help you to control the main causes of blemishes and…

acne facts

Acne Facts and Myths

Whenever wе talk about асnе, wе ѕtаrt tо hеаr all different kinds of advice about trеаtmеnts and remedies. True and credible acne facts are hard to come by.  However, it is important to separate fасt frоm fiсtiоn. Dеrmаtоlоgiѕt Dr. Rееm Mаrее knows a lot about acne and addresses these commonly held acne bеliеfѕ:   Pоррing…

acne map acne on the cheek

Acne Map: Focus On The Meaning Of Cheek Acne?

The human body iѕ a соmрlеx system. Any small dysfunction can cause unpleasant side effects. In this acne map focus, we will look at the specific area of the cheeks. Acne on yоur сhееkѕ may indicate a variety of things. For example, it could mean that you have an imbalance in your livеr or lungѕ….

pimple remedies

Pimple Remedies For A New Generation

Acne is a reality that many of us have to face at least once in our lives. For those who are lucky enough, blemishes stop appearing at the end of puberty. Fоr unfortunate оthеrѕ асnе саn еxtеnd into аdulthооd and саn mоrе diffiсult to treat аѕ the уеаrѕ раѕѕ. With vast amounts of rеѕеаrсh dedicated…

pimples on face

New Info On What Triggers Pimples On Face

When you’re asking what triggers acne, especially pimples on face, there are many factors to consider, reported Kathryn Hulick for Student Science. Diets high in milk and dairy have been rumored to cause acne, so has bad personal hygiene, but new research says the truth is more complicated than that. DIET – The debate continues…

acne on cheeks

Acne On Cheeks: 10 Reasons We Get It

Suffering from chronic acne on cheeks, chins, foreheads and other facial areas can be frustrating and embarrassing especially when one cannot identify the cause of the condition. Most people will blame their skincare habits for their bad skin. However, research reveals that acne may result from diverse medical problems. An unhealthy lifestyle may undermine the…

acne treatment for men

Acne Treatment For Men

Who knew that adult men get acne too, and not only teenagers? You’ve long since lost your adolescence hormones, high voice, and greasy scalp. So why is acne attacking you now? The reasons why you’re skin looks like your 16-year-old nephews will surprise you. Here’s the compilation of likely reasons by Umnia Shahid of The…

dry skin remedies

Winter Dry Skin Remedies

Winter weather, and sports, like skiing require winter beauty thinking when it comes to dry skin remedies. It’s a matter of science and fact, not preference. Much more changes in the winter months than temperature alone. Winter skin issues deserve winter skin solutions. It’s a matter of health, not just beauty. But, we’re here to…