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Summer Acne Breakouts

Summer Acne

The bright and sunny summer can feel amazing from the warm weather. Beautiful blue skies, and the heat of the sun glistening on your face.  However, there is a price to pay- the increase of summer acne and breakouts get worse during the summer months. There are many ways of managing and even defeating unwanted acne during the warmest months of the year.

An excessive amount of bacteria build up on your face and skin causes acne breakouts. The build up causes pimples, redness, and inflammation on your skin. It’s important to understand that being outside or at the gym, sweat and dirt can cause unnecessary build up. So be sure to wipe those areas most prone to acne when you’re sweating!

Many people load up on sunblock not knowing that this could be a part of their issue. Sunscreen is often comedogenic and oil-based, which causes clogging of your pores and spreads breakouts. Another reason for summer acne is too much direct exposure to sunlight, which aggravates your skin due to the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Everyone knows that the heat of a summer day can have you craving cold foods and beverages such as sugary sodas, ice cream, and other unhealthy drinks. An excessive amount of sugary foods will also affect the health of your skin!  causing summer breakouts, so instead of soda and ice cream, grab water and fruit to avoid damaging your skin!

Studies have shown that by using alcohol-free cleansing products, your skin will stay soft and clear of breakouts during the summer. Your cleansing routine should be at least twice a day. This way the bacteria doesn’t have time to build up in your skin, and will prevent future outbreaks.

When you have exposure to UV rays for an extended period, apply calming and soothing chamomile tea bags to help reduce irritation, puffiness, and redness. Twice a week, use a salicylic acid-based face mask to unclog your pores and lower the risk of blackheads. If you’re suffering from heavy acne during the summer, we recommend seeing your dermatologist to discuss the options you may have.  You may begin taking supplements to help fight breakouts.

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