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Summer Breakouts And How To Stop Them

Summer Breakouts

Summer breakouts are the worst. Everyone is excited for the weather to warm up, but as the weather changes, so does our skin. At a time when you might feel like your face is freaking out, you aren’t the only one.

To help you manage breakouts and sensitive skin and through the summer we had skin specialists share their tips on the best way to treat those unwanted blemishes.

Battle Summer Breakouts From The Inside

You may need to do some interior spring cleaning to keep your skin looking new. As per Carla Oates, maker of The Beauty Chef, the secret to keeping up an incredible complexion may lie more in what you consume than what you apply to your face.

Weak digestive health causes the stomach lining to be more penetrable than it should. Which creates a response, causing eczema, skin inflammation and dermatitis. Fermented foods help healthy skin and better digestive health. When we reestablish good eating habits, our skin can rejuvenate.

Carla says that adding probiotics to your eating routine will keep breakouts under control.

Wash Your Sheets

According to Andy Bosselman, founder of the skin care line Arithmetic, our beds can be full of bacteria.

Even skin that has recently been cleaned can leave behind unwanted dead skin cells on your pillows. Make sure to change and wash your bedspread often.

Also, remember to swap out your towels and remove workout clothes as soon as you get home from working out. Working up a sweat is imperative, but remaining in those clothes long after can lead to breakouts on your body.

Stay Hydrated

Months with warmer climates can lead to oil build up. In any case, time and again we wind up attempting to neutralize shine by stripping our skin of its imperative oils, which then leads to our skin drying out, inflammation, and breakouts.

If you notice that your skin is producing a lot of oil, that’s a key sign that you need more water. Washing your face with rose water and utilizing moisturizers that don’t contain drying agents will help.

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