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Skin Tags And How To Rid Them

Skin tags: what are they? Have you ever noticed small flaps of skin growing on your underarms? Possible on your neck, breast, groin or even under or around your eyes, as well? They are called skin tags which are small growths or flaps that grow on skin. Although skin tags are harmless the cause of…


Tea Tree Oil Treats Acne Breakouts

Tea tree oil or Melaleuca is steam distilled and comes from the tea tree plant which is native to Australia. Using a product that has oil to treat a problem that is typically caused by overproduction of oil may seem like a contradiction. However, studies proven by the Medical Center at the University of Maryland,…

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How To Sleep and Clear Your Acne

If you are trying to successfully treat your acne while you sleep, you will be relived to know that there are quite a few methods to help you do just that. First impressions are everything. Our faces greet the world. But if you’re among the millions of people who suffer from acne, you dread first…