Easy Acne Remedy

The Benefits Of Using Fresh Oranges On Acne


The acidity in orange juice and peels with high vitamin C makes the perfect cure for acne breakouts. Use oranges on acne to treat your blemishes using these simple steps!

What You Need

Antibacterial hand soap
Cotton swabs

Step 1

Thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Touching items that will go on your face with dirty hands can lead to bacteria growth. This will make your acne worse.

Step 2

Wash any dirt or debris off of your orange. Run warm water over the orange and use a small brush to clean it before putting it on your face.

Step 3

Peel the orange. After washing, it is important to dry the orange off, then peel. Put the orange peels on one end of your plate and the inside on the other.

Step 4

Now rinse your face with warm to open your pores. Opening your pores will allow the orange peel and juices to reach the bacteria to cure your acne.

Step 5

Rub the exterior of the orange peel on the affected area. Make sure to use a new slice of peel to treat each area to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

Step 6

Squeeze the orange and collect the juices on a plate.

Step 7

Apply one of the swabs dipped in juice over the area. Remember to use a new swab for each area to decrease the spreading of bacteria.

Step 8

Last but not least is to rinse your face with cool water to constrict your pores, which will lower the chances of future breakouts due to clogged pores.

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