Easy Acne Remedy

Three Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acne

natural ways to get rid of acne

Dealing with acne is never fun and trying to fight it off can often be worse. It can mean spending a lot of money on painful solutions that may not actually prove successful. Natural remedies offer far more affordable ways to reduce or eliminate acne. Try these three versions and see if your acne goes away.

Use a Honey Mask

Honey is perhap, the most underrated food in the world and an excellent way to eliminate acne. It never goes bad, for one thing, but it also has a ton of underappreciated benefits.

A good example of this is the lactic acid honey contains. The acidity of this chemical helps to exfoliate skin (provided it has a pH level between three and four—this varies). On top of that, honey is a natural antibiotic, so you can rest assured your skin is getting plenty clean too.

To make a mask out of honey, just add two tablespoons of it with three teaspoons of regular organic yogurt. Organic is important as there is add hormones and antibiotics in regular yogurt that can cause acne to get worse. Apply the mask all over your face, not just where the acne exists.

Leave it there for five to 10 minutes before washing your face with warm water and you should expect to see results in the very near future.

Apply a Fenugreek Mask Overnight

The fenugreek plant has leaves that have a history of helping people with skin issues on their face and is one of the great natural ways to get rid of acne. Remove the leaves from this plant and then crush them up until you have a fine paste. All you really need to do then is apply that paste to those parts of your skin that are either suffering from acne or usually do.

Leave this mask on overnight and wash it away with warm water in the morning. You should see immediate results in that reddening will have reduced and swelling will have dissipated.

This is also a great option because the mask will help curb the spread of bacteria, something that can cause major problems when acne leaves you with open sores.

Use Milk and Tumeric

Tumeric is a type of ginger plant that has long been used in Indian medicine. In India, it has a history of treating skin conditions like sores and for being used to fight off bacteria.

Take a teaspoon of turmeric and mix it with a teaspoon of organic milk. Like the yogurt, regular milk has harmful hormones that will irritate your skin further. Add in more if necessary in order to make a paste. It’s all you need for this natural ways to get rid of acne. Now just apply it evenly across your face.

Give it at least 20 minutes before washing it away, though you can go for as long as a half hour if you like. You’ll notice your face has a slight orange hue to it from the turmeric, but this will fade away in the days to come.

Using natural remedies to get rid of acne is a great way to save money, while still experiencing real results. After the initial time, you can use these natural remedies over and over without the astringent pain that often exasperates the issue.