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How to Treat Rashes Caused by Heat


Attempting to treat your heat rash without really knowing what to can cause more harm than we want.Excessive heat can cause what is called a heat rash all over the body but mostly the neck, hands, armpits, stomach, chest, back, and feet. If you or someone you know ever gets a heat rash beware it is not fun. Some of the common symptoms of heat rash include itchiness, stinging sensation, inflamed red bumps, sensitivity to heat and more.

Typically heat rash comes on during the summer weather, so make sure to stay under the shade. You can avoid a heat rash by staying cool during the summer. If you do get a heat rash during the summer, make sure to cool your body down quickly to avoid it worsening. You could take a cold bath or shower or sit in an air-conditioned environment. Doing so minimizes the stinging sensation. You could also use one of the two home remedies listed below.

Treat Your Heat Rash With Cold Compression

You should use cold compression on your heat rash as soon as it is visible on your skin. Using cold compression on your heat rash will provide instant relief from stinging sensation, itching and any inflammation on your skin. In a moist washcloth, add some ice cubes and place onto your heat rash. With your ice cubes treat your heat rash up to ten minutes at a time if you feel the stinging sensation, itchiness, or inflammation coming back. Experts say you should treat your heat rash with cold compression every three to six hours up to a week. Cold compression will prevent the outbreak from spreading or getting worse.

Another way to treat your heat rash with cold compression is to soak a clean cotton ball in cold water. Wring out the water and place on your heat rash for fifteen minutes; this is best for small areas of heat rashes. You should do this three to six times a day for about two weeks or until you have your desired results. You can also take a cold bath or shower as needed to decrease the intensity of stinging heat symptoms.

Use Baking Soda To Treat Your Heat Rash

Baking Soda is another inexpensive solution to manage outbreaks from severe heat. It acts as a tender shedding operator that unclogs pores by evacuating dead skin cells, dirt, and different polluting influences.

Include one teaspoon of baking soda to some nice, cold water.

Put the ingredients in a washcloth and wring out the access solutions.

Put the washcloth over the inflamed region for five to 10 minutes.

Repeat the steps four or five times each day for seven days.

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