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What Causes Purple Pimples?

Purple Pimples

For some people, there is good reason to stress over purple pimples. Pimples are often red in color. Although it isn’t often that a purple color pimple occurs, it does happen, and it affects some people.

What Is A Purple Pimple?

· A pimple that appears as a purple color.

· This type of a blemish is typically hard to the touch.

· A purple zit is typically categorized as a severe form of acne.

· Pooling of blood under the skin causes the purple color.

· This is usually dominant in light of fair-skinned people.

· Often these are very painful and inflamed.

· Secondary skin infections only aggravate the lesions more.

Hard Purple Pimple

· A pimple the is purple in color has a higher rate of scarring in comparison to other types of blemishes and is usually hard.

· Typical causes of purple-colored zits are an overproduction of oil, overproduction of sebum, and allergies.

· Oily or skin results from heavy oil production or sebum creates a great place for bacteria to grow. This production of oils is the very reason why these can take so long to treat.

· When they treat this type of acne, follow-up appointments are usually necessary to remove scars that may remain on the skin.

Causes and Treatments for Purple Pimples

· The reason for a purple zit is typically the same for any other form of acne, except for each individuals aggravating factors and the differences in genes.

· Treatments are available for even the worst kinds of purple pimples, some examples include:

· Cleaning the skin regularly with mild soap.

· You should use antibacterial soaps, but in moderation. Overuse of certain soaps can cause damage to the skin by over drying.

· Avoid using several products on the area at the same time. Some products can contain ingredients which aggravate the acne.

· Use home remedies like garlic juice. Garlic juice relieves pain, decreases inflammation and fights infection.

· Tomato paste with glycerin, when used as a mask, can remove extra oil from the skin, which is the cause of purple color pimples.

· Eat healthy with foods rich in vitamins that help nourish the skin.

· Remove toxin through sweating by exercising regularly.

· Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

· Treatments are also available for faster results with less scarring.

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