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Acne Tarda And How To Treat It!

acne tarda

Acne tarda or adult acne can be as frustrating as any other type of acne, but sometimes it is essential to get a bit more details to understand your acne. Dermatologist says that adult acne typically occurs during the time we are going through puberty all the way through adulthood. This form of acne can come in go after puberty hits. No one truly knows why this form of acne reoccurs over time.

People who smoke can get this types of breakouts more so than someone who doesn’t smoke. Dermatologist says that adult acne is also more common in woman than it is in men. Acne tarda can be present on your face, back and your chest area. People who have this type of acne know that it looks very similar to other types of acne. There are many pimples and small breakouts on the skin that can become red or irradiated easy. You may also see some blackheads around the nose area of the face.

How To Deal With Acne Tarda

In some rare cases of reoccurring adult acne  can be because of a hormonal imbalance, but it is not very common. One of the hormonal imbalances is called polycystic ovarian syndrome that may cause this form of acne. If you are suffering from both polycystic ovarian syndrome and adult acne,  you could have increasing symptoms.

Some of the symptoms include voice changes, disturbed menstrual cycles, and growing excessive body hair. If you believe you are having such symptoms, it is essential to visit both your obstetrician/gynecologist and your Dermatologist so they can work together. You endocrinologist or gynecologist may need to do further testing, and the same goes for your dermatologist.

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