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Allergies To Certain Foods Can Cause Acne


When most people hear the word allergies it will make you think of coughing, stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, skin rashes and sneezing. Although did you know allergies could be an underlying cause of acne breakouts? As you continue to read this article will you learn about the link to allergies and acne breakouts?

Are food allergies causing my acne breakouts?

Typically when someone is suffering from an allergic reaction from certain foods, they will experience various symptoms. The symptoms include skin rashes, loss of breath, bloating, hives, nausea and sometimes vomiting. You can get a continuous toxic reaction when your body is allergic to certain foods. This can be very dangerous. Our bodies natural reaction is to fight against foods that the body is allergic to. It’s as if the food is invading continuous toxic reaction. The central immune system fights the unwanted foods, and for that reason, it will cause inflammation to the skin or causing acne breakouts.

How to detect if the food you’re eating is causing acne breakouts?

The first thing to know it is it not going to be easy to find the root cause of acne. There are ways, but you need to be committed. Food allergies cause acne breakouts that can show up days after eating a certain foods. For this reason, you have to keep notes of what you are putting into your body. Typically, people will give up because it is hard to say which food was the cause if you ate it days ago and now had acne. You should write every day what you are eating and when your skin breakouts, then share it with your doctor. Once you have an idea of what certain foods may be causing acne breakouts your doctor will want to run some tests. Allergy test would be the best route for your skin to stop breakout after eating certain foods.

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