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Acne Deemed As New Beauty Trend

Beauty Trend

Our teenage selves would be rejoicing over recent news- acne is officially the latest beauty trend to hit the runway!

Designer Moto Guo conducted a Milan Men’s Fashion Week with a collection of childlike designs this week. The short shorts and bibs first caught everyone’s attention The makeup was a different story’

The models zits were on full display on the runways..

They call the makeup for the catwalk “nerdy grooming,” which highlights the models’ blemishes. At first, many thought they used makeup to intensify the inflamed areas, but according to the makeup artist for the show Roberta Betti, only two products were used in creating the look: MAC coffee eye pencil and MAC Mahogany lip liner.

New York Magazine wrote “Don’t wash your face now, because zits are cool,” adding that Dr. Pimple Popper is ecstatic about the new runway trend. As well as her 1.5 million followers.

We applaud the designer for bringing the issue to light and sending a bold message not to feel shame in having blemished skin. That is if their intention is to showcase a skin condition that millions struggle with around the world.

However, if that is not the intention then the idea that acne is the latest accessory is a serious issue.

For many who suffer from acne, the skin disorder becoming a trend is problematic.

Some references to teenage beauty are being ‘pizza-face’ to falling asleep with your makeup on to get the look. All of which is obscene and reinforces offensive stereotypes about the reality of acne.

In conclusion, even though they flaunt acne on the runway in Milan, we can’t say they’re trending in the beauty world.

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