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Best Face Masks For Your Skin


Let’s talk about the best face masks for your skin. When you are struggling with clogged pores and oily skin, your primary goal is to balance your oil production and keep pores clear.  When you have oily skin, you usually have clogged pores. So finding the right skin treatment is key. You should look for ingredients that will assist in pulling out the excess oil and impurities.

Investing in a clay mask would be best for clogged pores and oily skin. For example, the best options are green bentonite, rhassoul, and rose clay masks. There is a vast variety of different types of clay masks, and it’s important to research what is best for your skin type.

Green bentonite, rhassoul, and rose clay masks are accessible, and they heal your clogged pores by pulling out toxic bacteria. Toxic bacteria buildup causes pores to clog and excessive oil to build up. All of these masks will absorb the excessive oil and clear your pores, plus all their precious minerals come straight from the earth.

Both rhassoul and rose clay masks will give your skin extra intensity. It’s a powder, so you get the chance to make your consistency for the mask. Play around with the consistency you like. However, you need it pretty thin to blend and spread quickly. But not so thin that it’s watery. You can also make it extra thick for an excellent spot treatment.

Best Basic Masks Rules to Follow In Curing Clogged Pores & Oily Skin

Regardless of your skin type, there are simple guidelines to keep in mind when you use facial masks.

1.) Always wash your hands and face before using any mask, as this can cause it to trap in dirt from your hands or face, causing more breakouts.

2.) Never rub your face, always pat dry. Especially after your facial mask treatment because your skin will be extra sensitive due to all the action from your clay mask. It is also important to treat your skin with extra TLC at all times.

3.) Watch the clock carefully when using any face mask! If you leave it on too long, it can leave your skin too dry. However, moisturizing masks, if left on for too long, can cause problems such as clogging your pores and creating breakouts. Typically 15 minutes is best for face masks, but no more than 60 minutes.

4.) Use items that work for your skin type. After a face mask, the skin tends to be more retentive. So always use products that support your glowing skin in the way it deserves.

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