Easy Acne Remedy

Blackheads On Your Back And Face Removal


A lot of people have blackheads on their back. They tend to be irritating, especially when rubbed against. They are no different than the blackheads on people’s faces. In order to treat these unsightly marks, one must keep up with their hygiene.

Step 1
Make sure to wash your body with washes that have salicylic acid in them The salicylic acid is great for promoting new cell growth and help rid the back of excess oils.

Step 2
Utilize benzoyl peroxide after washing your back. This specific peroxide helps to kill bacteria on the surface of your back.
Apply a topical, over-the-counter acne medication that contains benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is ok for the back due to the thicker skin.

Step 3
When you visit your, dermatologist, ask for a prescription that includes retinoid. Within the cream is vitamin A that’s great for blackheads.

Step 5
You can ask for blackhead removal from your dermatologist. Though it is not a normal recommendation, it can help for those with severe cases. There is a huge risk of infection of scarring when having blackheads removed.

Removing Blackheads

Things You’ll Need:

Body wash or soap that includes a salicylic acid in the ingredients

An acne cream with benzoyl peroxide as one of the main ingredients

A prescription of retinoid


Make sure to wear clothing that allows for your skin to breathe. Avoid any clothing that makes you sweat easily because it can increase the number of blackheads you have. Also, make sure to wear an undershirt if you use benzoyl peroxide on your back because it can bleach your clothing. Make sure to give your self an ample amount of time to wash while taking your showers.


Before using any medicine for your blackheads, be sure to consult with your dermatologist. Certain medications don’t mix and can make rashes or irritation worse.

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