Easy Acne Remedy

Breakouts, And Why You Keep Getting Them


When it comes to acne breakouts, I think everyone can agree it sometimes can be an uphill battle. Everyone knows nowadays that keeping up with a daily skin care routine is critical. Especially because of the makeup trends and pollution that comes in contact with our skin. We should all be following a personal skin care routine to keep our skin acne at bay. First cleansing your skin, and removing all the makeup at the end of the day and exfoliating your skin. You can use anything from home remedies to high-end products to nourish your skin. However, never forget to moisturize your skin as well every day.

Dermatologist says even if you are following a daily skin care routine sometimes acne breakouts are going to happen.

They happen because we forget the little things that could be causing acne breakouts.

One of the reasons you could be getting acne breakouts could merely be your hair care products. It may seem strange because hair and skin care products are completely separate. A dermatologist explains it is not so much what hair care products you are using but where they are places when in use. Ever been in a rush, and just quickly spray your hair with your everyday hairspray? Well, there it is if you are not careful you are spraying your skin with those harmful chemicals that are only meant for hair care. Hair care products are not made to be used on the skin because it is way too harsh on the skin but strong enough to hold that hairstyle up all day.

Another small change you can make is by wiping down your phone before it makes contact with the skin on your face. Bacteria proliferate on our phones because we tend to set them down anywhere and take them everywhere. If you have an itch on your face, you have to scratch it. Doing so could be causing your acne breakouts as well. For that reason, it is so important to wash your hands, so they are bacteria free.


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