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Bump On Your Skin; What Is The Cause?


Many factors cause a bump on the skin. Some people are hesitant to go to a dermatologist right away for whatever personal reason. If you are like me, you want to make sure it’s not an easy fix before you pay out the nose for a dermatologist to look at it. You can start by analyzing the bump or bumps on your skin. When attempting to figure out if your bump is something common or severe, it is important to note all factors of the bump. Write a list of what you see or feel. Characteristics to observe: color, shape, size, raised, flat, rough, soft, hard, painful, itchy or any changes from its original appearance. There are many different reasons for why a bump suddenly appeared on the surface of your skin. Was something rubbing up against the area? Did you recently injure the area?

Some of the common names of bumps on the skin include acne, abscess, blister, boil, callus, cyst, mole, insect bite, wart, or tag. Here are descriptions of the different types of bumps to help you determine if it is time to see the dermatologist.

Acne- is a disease that affects the skin’s oil glands. Dead skins cells (keratinization), oil (sebum) and bacteria, clog the hair follicles and produce Acne.

Abscess-An infection that creates pus underneath the skin, however, typically where there is an injury to the surface, trapping bacteria beneath the skin.

Blister-Fluid trapped between 2 layers of skin. Blisters or Bulla are caused by friction, heat, allergies or chemicals.

Boil- bumps filled with pus usually form when there is a deep infection in the hair follicle underneath the skin.

Many Causes For That “Bump”

Callus-a thick piece of skin that forms in the area where there is rubbing or friction.

Cyst-forms when the top layer of the skin grows into the bottom layer of skin. Thus, a bump appears containing keratin material.

Mole-a benign formation of skin cells. Some are skin tone or brown.

Insect bite-bump from an insect bite that you develop an allergic reaction to form the toxin that releases from the insect.

Wart-is a cauliflower-like growth that is caused by the HPV virus that thickens the top layer of the skin.

Tag- Is a harmless lesion that looks like a little flesh colored bush.

Of course, if you still can’t figure it out, see your doctor or dermatologist to make sure what you are looking at is not cancerous. This article is just a quick reference to help you find more information on your bump.

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