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Probiotic Skin Care: The Next Addition to a Healthy Skin Care Routine

Pharmacy skincare aisles are already overwhelming. Now, there’s an entirely new selection of lotions and creams to look into — probiotic skin care products. It’s likely you’ve heard of probiotics taken orally — the good bacteria in supplements, yogurt, and gummy candies. A balanced community of bacteria helps our internal digestion and aids us against…

Ortho Dermatologics

Ortho Dermatologic’s New Altreno Acne Cure Approved by FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States recently approved the new drug application for Altreno (tretinoin 0.05%). The company behind this new lotion treatment for acne vulgaris is Ortho Dermatologics. The FDA approved the treatment in the beginning of October for use in patients aged nine years and older. According to a…

free trial

Free Trial For Skincare Products Scam

There is a free trial for skincare products that are taking money out of woman’s pockets. Those tempted by are free trial are having money taken off of their credit cards in Europe. Dragon’s Den-winning skincare products have been scamming folks for years. Advertisements are popping up online claiming that after using their products, two…


Vaccine That Stops Acne At It’s Source

There is a new vaccine on the way that could prevent acne from ever coming back! A recent study was able to reveal that there is a way to block bacteria that damages skin, causing acne to occur. For the very first time, scientists have successfully been able to target a type of bacteria that…

Beauty Products

Beauty Products Can Cause Problems if Overused

Today, it’s easier than ever to become educated on and even order beauty products thanks to the internet. In fact, it’s so easy that some might use too many products for their skin without knowing. Unfortunately, the adage the more, the merrier doesn’t apply to skin-care. Overtreating your skin can have adverse effects on the…


Summer Tips For Treating Acne

Why do summer skin inflammation breakouts happen? Breakouts during the summer time can be the worst, especially for women. Some places that tend to break out are upper back, bosoms, and even the hindquarters. Most ladies have a tendency to slather on massive amounts of sunscreen. Doing so winds up obstructing the skin pores. Additionally,…