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Causes and Cures for Summer Acne

Most people tend to experience more breakouts in the summer months. You might ask yourself why.

Dermatologist Mona Gohara states that there very much is a reason why you’re breaking out right now. There are three:

Reason #1: The Heatwave

Right now, around the world, record-high temperatures are taking over. The Washington Post calls it the hottest month that humans have ever recorded.

Dr. Gohara says when it’s scorching, people tend to sweat significantly more. That sweat then sits on your face, mixing with pollution to create the perfect environment for your pores to clog, causing bacteria to grow.

The Cure

Don’t touch your face or try to pack makeup on it. Instead, gently soak up the shine once or twice a day with fragrance-free oil blotting sheets. Wash your face twice a day, and keep your makeup to a minimum on the areas where you tend to break out most.

Reason #2: You’re Blasting A/C

If you’ve been sitting in front of your air conditioner or blasting your car’s A/C, or hanging out in frigid coffee shops, classrooms, planes, or offices, it could be breaking you out.

Dr. Gohara says that air-conditioning usually removes moisture from the air, making it incredibly drying, especially if it’s blasting you right in the face. So it ends up sucking the moisture from your face, which causes your skin to overproduce oil to compensate for the dryness.

The Cure:

There’s not much you can do when A/C is virtually everywhere in the summer, except try to redirect the air from blowing on your face as much as possible. Push the air vents in your car away from your face or twist the airplane’s vent above your seat closed.

REASON #3:  You’re Trying to Fix your Zits

Changing up your entire routine, or even adding one new acne-fighting formula, can break out your face.

Dr. Gohara states that a lot of change disrupts your skin’s equilibrium, causing it to freak out and break out.

The Cure:

Radically altering your routine will bring you nothing but skin sadness.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use a gentle spot treatment on the zits you already have but make sure to apply sparingly just once a day.

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