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Chin Pimples Are The Worst! How To Manage Them

chin pimples

Chin pimples tend to come about due to hormone changes that occur during puberty or one’s menstrual cycle. However, chin pimples can pop up on anyone at any age.

When it comes to mild cases, self-care and over-the-counter products can help. If your case is on the severe side, consulting with a dermatologist.

For more severe cases, a person may want to consult a dermatologist for prescription-strength products or other treatment methods. The oil our skin produces traps different kinds of bacteria, dirt, and debris in our pores. When this happens, he pores then turn into pimples.


When it comes to pimples on the chin, they aren’t different from the pimples on other parts of one’s body. However, they come about due to fluctuation in hormones. For this reason, they are more common for females and teenagers.

How To Manage Chin Pimples


Treating chin pimples at home can be a breeze. However, be sure to seek professional help if need be. If you are treating your pimples at home, its best to use products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Both are good to help dry pimples up.

Make sure to wash the ara with a mild cleaner
For 5 minutes, apply an icepack to the chin, it helps to reduce inflammation
Please, do your best to avoid picking the pimples, and never try to pop them

Though there is no way to prevent pimples from showing up on the chin, there are many ways one can avoid them.

Wash your face at least twice with a mild soap
Do your best to avoid oily foods or food with excess amounts of sugar
Minimizing stress helps to prevent pimples
Clean your bedding and sheets often
Keep hair away from face and wash it frequently
Use oil-free sunscreen
Also, avoid touching your face as much as possible

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