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Cindy Crawford Age Defying Skin Care Secrets

Cindy Crawford age

Beautiful and glowing skin can make a youthful, fresh look, regardless of age. Celebrities are very particular about how they look. For them, it’s either look good or lose your job. They work at achieving their goals through common sense routines and some help from science. It’s our good fortune today to see inside Cindy Crawford age defying skin care secrets.

Many fans are on the lookout for their idols’ skin care secrets. This supermodel, actress and mother of two, is one of the most beautiful women of all time, according to Men’s Health. Cindy’s commitment to taking care of her skin is the main reason she has slowed the visual signs of the aging process. You could say that she doesn’t even seem to be aging at all.

Work The Jaw

An often overlooked facial secret that this 49-year old, hot-mama includes in her routine are a series of neck exercises. These keeps those muscles toned to preserve the jaw line.

Sweat Regularly

She makes sure that her schedule includes infrared sauna sessions.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Beauty sleep didn’t get its name for no reason. She’s careful to get hers, as many physicians recognize that seven to nine hours of sleep each night is imperative to healthy skin.

Eat The Right Foods

Cindy is very much into healthy food choices. She makes sure she consumes little sugar, even though she enjoys a chocolate-mint drink every day. She’s commented in various interviews that she no longer drinks wine. Cindy also recommends staying away from too much salt. She believes it makes her face puffy in the morning. She does partake of an occasional tequila and uses lemon on her food rather than salty choices like soy sauce.

Exercise Often

Crawford’s routine includes a three-times per week workout with her personal trainer. She’s been doing this for over 20 years. Her workouts include cardio, squats, lunges, free weights, hiking or biking at least once a week.

Exfoliate Often

Also part of Cindy Crawford age defying secrets is what has come to be a matter of common sense; exfoliating often. Her method for doing this is by washing and rubbing her skin, gently. She says is really helps her attain shiny, glossy, even baby-smooth softness. In other words, she pampers herself in exfoliation. She believes this revitalizes her body, refreshes the lymphatic system, diminishes cellulite and relieves congestion of her skin.

Help from Science

In 2005, in cooperation with her partner and Doctor Jean-Louis Sebagh, Cindy decided to introduce her personal line of beauty products. Sebagh has also performed her cosmetic procedures, treatments, and vitamin injections for the last seven years.

Crawford believes this is one of the reasons she stays fresh and young looking. Both Sebagh and Crawford believe their products bring confidence to women through their new sense of beauty. Hence the product’s name: Meaningful Beauty. She also relishes the idea of imparting her beauty care secrets to others.

Crawford and Sebagh are now promoting a newly developed serum of ultra-lifting and filling treatment. It promises to address the concerns of women of her age group.

Lastly: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Cindy asserts that by taking care yourself consistently over the years, you’re going to look and feel more youthful. Her philosophy is to give the body what it needs, avoid smoking, eat right, exercise regularly, and drink lots of water. Cindy Crawford age defying secrets include something that may surprise you. She believes that above all else, the most important thing of all is to be happy in life with who you are, and not to try to become someone else’s version of you.