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Cystic Acne Finally Has A Cure


When it comes to extreme acne, cystic acne is high on the list. However, over-the-counter treatments aren’t always available. Experts say that it can take some time and testing to see what treatment work for you specifically for your skin.

However, there are times when one solution becomes popular and viral with claims of working for any and all skin types. The current fad is sulfur cream. Commenters are saying that it is more gentle than salicylic acid, a popular acid fighter.

In a Reddit post by the title “To whoever recommended sulfur cream, freaking thank you,” the user, TheQuinnBee, says that items De La Cruz 10% Sulfur Cream ($7). She says that it was the only product to remove her acne successfully. She says that every day she puts it on her face for ten minutes and then she rinses it off. So far, the Reddit user reports that she hasn’t seen any pimples return. Also, that it feels good not to have painful cysts on her face.

Cystic Acne Meeting It’s Match With Sulfur Cream

Not too long after her post did other Redditors post their own experiences using the sulfur product on their faces.

One user said that she loves the de la Cruz sulfur cream. She says that the product was able to erase the worst cystic breakout she had ever had in her life. Now, the Redditor says that she is using other skincare products for benefits beyond clearing up what is not there. She says it feels good to know that she has just in case she goes through another massive breakout.

Another user was saying how she uses the proactive sulfur mask that helps her get rid over any type of acne.

Be sure to keep in mind that De La Cruz’s formula is mainly sulfur. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to check with your dermatologist about using the product.

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