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Dermatologists Recommend Vitamin A For Acne


Sadly breakouts on our faces can strike at any age and any time of the year. Dermatologists say that acne is more common among women going through menopause and teenagers. In just the U.S., it is estimated that there are fifty million American people are struggling with the effects of acne.

There are links with acne breakouts to hormonal imbalances in both teenagers and women going through menopause. When the skin glands continue to produce excessive amounts of bacteria, oil, sweat and dead skin cells the pores become clogged causing pimples and breakouts. Vitamin A may be the answers to all your acne breakouts.

Using vitamin A as a home remedy to clear up your struggling skin can improve your overall health. Plus, your skin of course. If you do start taking vitamin A vitamins, it is essential to consider it the right way, reports dermatologist. Taking oral vitamin A supplements work well for your overall body. However,  do not work the same as a topical vitamin A supplement for the skin.

Dermatologists Recommend Vitamin A For Acne

According to the University of Michigan, the team of clinicians says taking an oral vitamin A can have some harmful side effects to the skin and can be toxic for people suffering from acne breakouts. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble that when taken will build up fat cells in your body. Especially, if received a higher dose than needed. Before taking any new medication, it is always important to check with your doctor.

Using a vitamin A cream or serum can really help your skins breakouts. Most creams, lotions or serums medication can synthetically adjust the vitamin into a retinoid that you can apply to the skin. Retinoids in topical vitamin A for the skin are most useful for people with acne prone skin. The reason being, retinoids can heal the skin and regenerate itself quickly.

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