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Digestive Health and Acne- How Eating Affects Skin


Acne is comes from bacteria trapped in the hair follicle underneath dead skin cells on the skin. However,  sometimes acne can be caused by your body’s inability to recognize a morsel of food as safe and will then attack it as a toxin. When your body is trying to reject a poison, your body will eliminate it in different ways. Some people experience digestive problems, have respiratory problems, or skin problems.
Through your skin’s pores is one way your body eliminates toxins. However, if you are experiencing digestive issues and skin issues, there may actually be a correlation between the two. Your stomach health can effect your skin health.

Your body has good and bad bacteria in your digestive tract. There has to be a balance of both of them in order for your body to absorb nutrients properly for good health. If something is causing your body to have more good or more bad bacteria, your body will tell you by reacting. Witt that being said,  different things can cause you to have lousy gut health. They include processed foods, sugar, stress, and antibiotics are a few. So let’s start by getting your gut health in order to for clear skin from inside out.

Here are a few steps to help improve your skin’s appearance by detoxifying your body first. You should see improvement in about six weeks.

Digestive Symptoms and Skin

Drink plenty of water to help your body eliminate toxins. Add lemon or lime if you typically don’t like drinking it that much. You should try to drink approximately 67% of your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 120 pounds, drink 80.4 ounces of water per day.

Cut out Dairy. There is a hormone in milk, GF-1 which helps to make baby calves grow faster. In humans, however, IGF-1 causes inflammation.

Make sure your bowels are moving regularly by eating fiber-rich food. Example: broccoli, raspberries, avocado, and Brussel sprouts are good choices. You may also use an over the counter fiber like Miralax.

Take 1000 mg of L-Lysine a day, L-Lysine produces collagen in the body to help repair your skin quicker.

If you have taken antibiotics in your past, you may not have enough good bacteria in your intestines and need to replenish it. Your body needs both good and bad bacteria to aid in proper digestion. Taking a pro-biotic is highly recommended.

Take a multivitamin with vitamin A in it. One of the most popular acne drugs prescribed called Accutane has the main ingredient as vitamin A. The problem with taking Accutane is all the side effects, so I don’t recommend it.

Try these recommendations and see for yourself if poor digestion causes your acne. You should let your body repair itself before you start an abrasive cleaning regimen on your skin. Until then, use a mild soap with a washcloth to keep your skin clean from bacteria as your daily skin regimen.

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