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DIY All Natural Body Scrubs You could almost Eat


Dry Skin is a common problem during the winter months and can leave you itching and deal with flaky dandruff-like alligator skin. Lotions work well, but if your skin is dehydrated, it is only moisturizing dead skin. The best way to bring out your skins true glow is to get rid of the top dry layer by exfoliating with DIY All Natural Body Scrubs. Most of the ingredients are probably in your kitchen cupboard ready to use. I like these scrubs because I feel better about using elements that are safe enough to eat. Just in case I get hungry while I’m slaving away in the kitchen with my creations.

To create a natural body scrub, you will want to use high-quality ingredients within your budget. First of all, the base of your scrub will be an ingredient that will help exfoliate and scrub off the dead skin cells. Here is a list of 4 favorite parts for your DIY exfoliation base depending on the type/scent of scrub you want to make.

Examples of  DIY All Natural Body Scrubs You can Make at Home

You will need a glass jar with a lid to your newly created body scrub.

For the Scrubbing Base:

Sea Salt / Epsom Salt,
Brown Sugar or
Coffee Grinds.

For moisturizing:

Olive Oil
Jojoba Oil or
Coconut Oil

To make the scrubs smell nice:

Essential oils or
Extracts like Vanilla, lemon or Mint

Here are a few quick and easy recipes to try. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix using a rubber spatula. When it looks like everything is thoroughly mixed, you can transfer to your glass jar with lid.

Coconut Vanilla Scrub

½ Cup Brown Sugar
3 TBsp Coconut Oil
½ TSp Vanilla Extract

Sweet Mint

1/3 Cup Cane Sugar
1-1/2 TBsp Olive Oil
2 Tsp Honey
¼ Tsp Peppermint Extract

Vanilla Latte

¼ Cup Brown Sugar
2 TBsp Coffee Grinds
3 TBsp Olive Oil
1/ TSp Vanilla Extract

Pink Rose

1/3 Cup Himalayan Salt
2 TBsp Coconut Oil
Rose Essential Oil to your preference

You are now on your way to softer, moisturized, glowing skin! When applying scrub, use a small scoop or a couple of fingers full of scrub. Gently apply and rub in a circular motion on your legs and arms where you have dry skin. When you are finished buffing off the dead skin, You can use a warm wet towel to wash the remaining Base scrub particles off or get in the shower to rinse thoroughly.

Note: Be careful not to get water in your Body Scrub because once water is introduced, you run the risk of mold or bacteria developing. There are some preservatives you can buy and add to your scrub that can help.

Most noteworthy is Optiphen, an excellent preservative to use with oil-based Recipes.

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