Easy Acne Remedy

Evenly-Toned Skin With Organic Sugar


Every person near and far wants that evenly-toned and super smooth natural skin. Although, it is amazing to know how common it is to have uneven skin tones. When you are struggling with uneven skin tone, it ages your skin making you look tired all the time. Some of the main reasons for skin discolorations include overexposure to the sun, uneven pigmentation, acne, pimples, medications, lotions, injuries and more. Some people struggling with discoloration for the skin can experience dark red spots on their legs, arms, under arms, folds of skin as well as around their mouths.

The most common cause of uneven skin tones is typically after getting a sunburn. Sunburns are caused by being in the sun too long without anything to protect your skin. When your sunburn starts to heal you will notice your skin healing causing the skin discoloration. Yes! There are thousands of skin products available in stores or online that say they can treat uneven skin tones. Although, you should try this home remedy because it is cost effective, less harmful, organic and you most likely already have it in your kitchen. You could try many skin products promising the same thing but sometimes treating your uneven skin tone is as easy as using sugar. Regardless of how dark or light or in between your skin is, your skin will benefit from this home remedy.

Ways To Get Evenly-Toned Skin

Organic Sugar To Cure Uneven Skin Tones

Natures natural sweetener to achieve even skin tone! Natural sugar can act as an amazing exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation when treating acne, redness, pimples or skin discoloration is an important part of your daily skin routine. Exfoliation breaks down dead skin cells, buildup dirt or makeup trapped in your pores and leaves your skin soft.

Organic Sugar/Lime/Coconut Oil Face Scrub
Mix in a small bowl ½ cup of organic sugar, ½ lime and ¼ cup of coconut oil. Mix until you have a thick consistency. Apply to a clean face right after a hot shower perhaps. Apply thick mixture to your face in circular motion for about ten minutes. Rinse off with warm water, pat dries your face and go about your day. For the best results, you should do it three times a week.

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