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Face Cupping And Acupuncture

face cupping

There are a few different techniques that are used to increase the blood flow to ones’ face. They include facial acupuncture and face cupping. When it comes to facial acupuncture, acupuncturist use needles that are ultra-fine. The needles go far enough in the skin to reach soft tissues, causing mini trauma to the area. The small pokes send signals to the body to heal this area of skin, thus, forming collagen and the production of elastin. The little pricks lead to more oxygenation and nutrients coming to the cells. The new formation of cells helps to hydrate the skin and give it a glow.

Facial cupping is pretty similar. Pressure from cupping is great for stimulating blood flow. It also encourages the promotion of lymphatic draining. When utilizing the cups, they are moved in different directions. The reason for this is to stimulate the skin on your face and layers deep within the skin.

Face Cupping and Acupuncture Are Great For Blood Circulation

According to Dr. Tam, who treats hundreds of people with acne, the condition can benefit from the circulation of blood. Also, that facial acupuncture is great for promoting new cell growth.

She has substantial experience when it comes to seeing clients who suffer from acne. Tam says that it is common to see people suffering from poor blood circulation in their face. Also, they may not have enough blood to reach specific areas of the face. Also, people who have acne issues tend to have inflammatory skin that comes from the build-up of heat and toxins.

There are other ways to help promote blood circulation. Moving around regularly is good for blood flow. Also, taking hot baths and showers. Massaging your skin, whether by hand or with a tool is great to get the blood moving throughout the skin.

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