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Fall is the Most Common Time For Acne Breakouts


Did you know fall season is the most common time for acne breakouts? Once the seasons start to change from summer months to fall weather months your oil production on your skin decreases. During the hot summer months, our body produces more oil. Doing so slows down during the fall because of the climate. Once the cooler air blows throughout your area layers of dead skin cells will start to build-up on your skin hints causing more acne breakouts. All the build up bacteria and dead skin cells get trapped underneath the first layer of your skin causing unwanted acne.

Fall Season Skin Care Tips

During the cooler weather months try to avoid high foaming consistency skin care cleansers. You want to try to avoid self-foaming cleansers and bar soaps. Thee materials typically have a higher pH balances and have harmful ingredients that will strip your skin. When bar soaps and self-foaming skin care products have higher pH balances, it will pull all the water out of your skin. Doing so leaves your skin dry and cause acne breakouts. When choosing your skin care products look out for dangerous ingredients such as sulfate laureth, sodium and others. Instead, try to purchase a sulfate-free skin care cleansers or try one of our home remedies.

Another rather simple tip for keeping your skin free from acne breakouts is changing your pillow cases nightly. Bacteria, germs, makeup, dirt, and oils can build up over time on your pillowcase and cause breakouts. Invest in buying more than just one pillowcase and wash them regularly with fragrance and dye free laundry soaps.

Dermatologist recommends for people struggling with acne breakouts year around to avoid using toners that contain SD alcohol 40 in their ingredients. Yes, alcohol may make your face feel tighter and cleaner, but it is harmful. SD alcohol 40 pulls all the nutrients and water from your skin which leads to dead skin build up causing more acne.


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