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Forms of Acne And Prevention

forms of acne

One of the biggest issues teens and young adults face as they grow older is acne. However, acne and pimples are something that everyone has to deal with at some point, and they come in many forms of acne.

Although we typically think of teens when it comes to acne, as we get older we learn that anyone can get acne and scars. Be that as it may, there are different forms of acne, and each one has to be dealt with differently.

Below, you will find the various forms of acne and how to choose a regiment that works best for your skin.


11 Forms Of Acne

1. Blackheads

This form of acne usually presents itself around the nose. It looks like tiny black dots on the skin. They form when skin follicles become blocked. Dead skin and bacteria clog the pores forming the small black lumps.

2. Whiteheads

These occur when our oil glands get clogged. When the oils in our face don’t make it to the surface of the skin, it becomes trapped betweens layers causing white spots.

3. Papules

Papules present themselves as small red bumps on the face. They are a form of skin irritation. They can also be extremely sensitive. If they become enlarged, they turn into puss filled cysts that are very painful.

4. Pustules

This is a form of inflamed acne that is filled with puss. However, they are hard to the touch. Still, if you pick or pop these, it can lead to dark spots and severe scars.

5. Nodules

To begin, nodules are bigger than pustules and papules, nodules are large inflamed bumps. Also, they do not have pus in them and require strong medicines for treatment.

6. Cysts

Acne that is large in size and pus filled.

7. Acne Fulminans

Typically found in young males. Symptoms include joint aches and fevers.

8. Acne Mechanica

Formed from excessive friction and heat between the skin. In fact, people who play sports with helmets or gear for extended periods of time usually get these.

9. Acne Rosacea

In the same category as acne vulgaris. It presents itself as a red rash on the chin or cheeks.

10. Pyoderma Faciale

A mixture of pustules and nodules. Typically, women who are 20 to 40 years old suffer from this type of acne.

11. Acne Conglobata

First, this is the most extreme form of acne that occurs in females and males. Secondly, this type of acne presents itself as a large lesion on the face, thighs, chest, and buttocks. Third, and most importantly, though rare, it can lead to permanent scarring and damage to the skin.

Now that you know the many forms of acne be mindful the next time a blemish appears. Avoid scratching and picking as it could lead to bad scarring. Moreover, if any rash remains for an extended period of time, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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