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Free Trial For Skincare Products Scam

free trial

There is a free trial for skincare products that are taking money out of woman’s pockets. Those tempted by are free trial are having money taken off of their credit cards in Europe.

Dragon’s Den-winning skincare products have been scamming folks for years. Advertisements are popping up online claiming that after using their products, two sisters have received high praise while using their skin care program.

However, the photos are fake. The women in pictures have confirmed that they have no connection with the skin care products. Also, that they did not give consent for the use of their image. Even so, two different brands are using the women’s pictures with the same sales pitch for trial offers of their products.

After clicking on offer, one Irish woman says that she was authorized to pay €4.95 for post and packaging. They then were charging her a few weeks later out of hundreds of euros.

Free Trial Doesn’t Always Mean Free

She says she wasn’t paying close attention to letters she was receiving from the Reno firm. In the letter, it congratulates her for purchases. There was no mention of money being taken from her card. However, in small print, it says, “Email us within 17 days of the date of purchase to avoid being enrolled in our automated delivery programme for our preferred customers and charged €85 for additional shipments of wrinkle cream and €65 for instant serum facelift.

Before getting to the bank and stoping the charges, the company charged her twice.

According to officials, consumers are to be told about payment costs when signing these particular contracts. Consumers should contact the European Consumer Centre if they are receiving the same issues with Dragon’s Den products.

Contact the company immediately to cancel the subscription to these products, but you have to do so in writing. If they continue to take money from your card, contact your back to begin the chargeback process.

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