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Get Clear Skin At Home With These Remedies

get clear skin

There are plenty of ways someone can get clear skin. Some consider having healthy skin as the main element to one person’s beauty.Well, some of us are not so lucky in that department. People who struggle with unhealthy skin can do so for many reasons. Examples include: living in an over polluted area, poor diet or nutrition, excessive sun exposure, smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, stress and many more reasons. There are so many different skin products on the market that all promise the same thing and mostly they just clean out your pockets and not clear your skin.

Get Clear Skin With Cucumber

Yes, it can be as simple as getting a fresh cucumber from the market or just from your refrigerator. Cucumbers have so many excellent properties such as hydration, nourishing, and astringent ingredients. You want a fresh glow to your skin, use cucumbers! Cucumber will also assist in removing dead skin cells from your face and repair sun damage. For the best results, you should use cucumbers on your skin daily.

Cut a cucumber into slices and rub them all over your skin focusing on your problem areas. Leave the juices from the cucumber on your face overnight and in the morning just simply rinse off with warm water. Following all you have to do is pat dry your skin and go about your day. Another alternative way you could use cucumber to get clear skin is juicing a cucumber. With the juice from the cucumber add to it the same amount of lemon juice and mix. After you have thoroughly mixed, add the mixture to your face. Leave on for thirty minutes then rinse with warm water and pat dry, again do this daily.

Get Clear Skin With Walnuts

Walnuts will repair dull skin cells which promote radiant, glowing skin. If you struggle with lifeless skin walnuts will help bring your skin back to life. Walnuts are high in antioxidants which will work magic on your dry, dull skin. You can grind up walnuts and use them as an exfoliate for your skin, which will remove dead skin cells, buildup dirt and makeup. If you mix two tablespoons of plain yogurt to two tablespoons of ground up walnuts and mix until you get a paste like consistency. Then apply to your face allow it to dry for at least thirty minutes. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry your skin afterward. You should use this face mask at least once a week.


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