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Hormonal Acne May The Reason For Those Nasty Blemishes

hormonal acne

Being human is to err. Which could be why we get those nasty zits every once in awhile, or for some all year long. However, if you get pimples that hurt and won’t go away, more than likely you are suffering from hormonal acne. Though they are a pain in the rear to deal with, with the right products, you can kiss those nasty blemishes goodbye

Hormonal acne comes from excess oil on the skin. The cause for this particular acne boils down to the increase in oil production, and that is hormones.

Acne due to hormones tends to be redder and deeper within the pore, making treatment a bit more difficult. There is an enzyme in those who suffer from acne due to hormone that causes reddening of the skin and post. Also, topical mounds that are hard to pop.
Some things that affect one’s hormones are stress, birth control, a lack of sleep, or even time zone change.

Many Factor Cause Hormonal Acne

It’s imperative that if you suffer from hormonal acne, not to pop that zit! By popping it, you allow for the bump o turn into scar tissue. It is difficult to get the puss to reach the surface thoroughly.

Keeping one’s pore clog free is essential if you want clear skin. Using a chemical exfoliator is a great way to combat your acne. Exfoliators are perfect for removing oil from your pores.

Another way to concur with hormonal acne is oral antibiotics. If you dermatologist recommends an oral medicine, be mindful that thee take a bit more time to work. However, after a week or two, your bacteria and oil level will have it so that all you may need a topical skin care regimen.

It is always best to let your dermatologist know if you are on the pill., especially if you are going through a bad round of acne/. The pill contains high amounts of estrogen. Switching birth controls can be something else that can help say bye bye to that nasty acne for good.

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