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Hormones Can Cause Horrific Break Outs


Whether you are a woman or a man, in your early teens to your fifties, you can still have acne breakouts due to hormones. Some people in their first fifty’s can experience acne breakouts as often as a fifteen-year-old girl going through changes. Regardless of your age or gender, it can only be so frustrating to have monthly, daily, or weekly acne breakouts.

One of the essential details in treating any acne is to be consistent with your regular skin routines. If you are choosing the right skin care products for your specific acne, you can get ahead of the game. Although, if you have tried everything in the books from high-end skin care products to all organic home remedies for your acne and still have no results.

When it comes human hormones, it can cause acne breakouts on your skin at any given time in your life.

If your hormones are not in balance, your skin will produce excessive amounts of oil. Afterwards, bacteria begins to grow hints what causes your breakouts. Clinical assistant professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine Doctor Robert Anolik says oil on the human skin is like throwing fuel to the fire when it comes to acne breakouts. Once you add our daily lives in the mix, you will be left with a breeding ground of excessive oils. When you have built up dead skin, oil, and bacteria, your skin can have moderate to severe irritation. The irritation causes acne.

You can visit your dermatologist to check your hormone levels.  Also to see if it is the root reasoning for your acne breakouts. But first, we would recommend starting a healthy lifestyle from eating, drinking, exercising and trying to be the best you and naturally your hormones will balance out and might even solve your acne issues.

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